What Happened to the photos?

A friend of mine played a prank by liking and commenting on my old profile photos on Facebook today. Likes poured in, and so did amused comments by people who were a new addition in my life. People who had not been there while these pictures were taken, were seeing people who were not a part of my life anymore.

Few decades ago, we used to keep each and every picture in the album preciously. Each and every picture was worth hundreds and the happiness of being framed was evident in the photos. Well, in some photos atleast.

Today, before we save one image, thousands are discarded on the grounds of this-pout-is-less-sexy-than-last-pout, while they have been giving the same pout for last 20 minutes in a mirror. I am the culprit too. I did the same. Then something changed. I take selfies in months, when I have nothing to do.

On vacations, I try not to get lost into pictures, but enjoy the place hands in hands with my partner. Two bad pictures in a row, spoil my mood. And by bad pictures, I mean my nose looks a little fatter, my eyes disappear when I smile and all those things a normal women thinks these days.

But while going through the pictures on facebook, I remembered a lot more stories that each photo had in it, that normally I would have forgotten. The fight we had before this pic, the funny thing that happened in that pic. Else, if I try to recall last 5 years of my life, I have a hard time putting it in places.

I should take far more photos I realize, because even though I look silly, if have no photos, I will have nothing to pass onto my children. We take thousands of photos a year, and mostly to show it off on social media. We should take some good old pictures just for memories, where we laugh harder instead of pouting, and don’t check them for anything else, other than everyone is in frame. NO FAT NOSE, NO BIG THIGHS, NO POUT! Just pure unadulterated photo.

I hope I’ll click as many pictures without trying to look good for my social media. I hope my photos don’t get lost in data banks of facebook forever. I hope my kids see and laugh on how their mom used to be. For the photos are my stories.