Do you want to contribute to Mozilla, but feel scared and unaware where to start? Are you enthusiastic to help but maybe feeling a little lost? Or you want to know what working at a project here feels like? Yes? This blog presents my emotions and journey so far, and explains in detail the work I am doing as part of an Outreachy intern with the Interoperability Team at Mozilla.

Snapshot of Bugzilla showing Mozilla projects

The Very Beginning O_o

At a first glance, reading project descriptions and trying to understand the work happening inside can be quite daunting. The technology stack can be almost 100% new to you, which…

Applying to open source programs and making your first contribution can be quite intimidating. But, it’s completely worth it. The best thing in open source is the community support from people all over the world. Through this blog, I will highlight the process of applying to Outreachy. What is the program about? Who can apply? What does the application look like? Finally, I will share guidelines and tips to have in mind while applying.

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What is Outreachy ?

Outreachy is an open source program which seeks to promote participation of people who are under-represented in technology or have faced diversity of any kind. …

My journey to building a multi-label comment classifier……

I was required to build a final capstone project as part of my Udacity machine learning engineer nanodegree. I picked up a dataset from a live competition at Kaggle and worked through it. This blog demonstrates my learning, problems faced and how I overcame these to finally succeed 🎉

The first step was deciding what was the problem that interests me. I had a list of projects to chose from, on domains such as robotics, healthcare and education. I also had the option of deciding a completely different project on Kaggle. …

Nupur Baghel

Machine Learning Enthusiast | Open Source programmer | Upcoming Data Scientist 👩‍🔬

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