F.R.I.E.N.D.S Busted!

I write about things close to my heart. And I am one of those people who have watched the entire 10 seasons of Friends at least 10 times. Over the years, along with the happy times this series has given me, I also observed some things which do not quite add up (so damn unbelievable in some cases).

So ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be awed!

Dear Phoebe, from Season 1, you have been called Pheebs innumerable times. And you realize this in Season 4? Why Pheobe why?

Notice something? The bath tub moved by itself, didn’t it?

Season 5 — Having such a good time in the bath tub

Season 8 — Don’t like baths?? Why were you pretending 3 years ago!!?

Now this is huge! Chandler created such a big ruckus about being near a dog which wasn’t really the case earlier. Talk about dual personalities :P

Last but not the least — In Season 8, when Phoebe freaks Chandler out about finding Monica’s soulmate in a British guy, Monica smoothly tells Chandler that she does not believe in soulmates! Flashback to your wedding vows Monica! You are lucky that Chandler does not remember anything :P

I am sure many of you must have noticed many other things! These 5 make it to the top of my list :D

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