Life lessons from a Fish

What would Dory do?

Still from Finding Dory, sourced from pinterest

That line is a life-mantra for keeps, from Disney-Pixar’s Finding Dory — last year’s sequel lovable original Finding Nemo.

Dory is a surgeonfish in the movie, who suffers from short-term memory loss. The difficulty she faces in forming new memories however does not stop her from living a life of adventure. In the first installment of the movie, Dory had helped Marlin to find his son Nemo after he was “taken” by a scuba diver from Sydney. By the end of the movie, she won their hearts (and ours) to become as close as family for the two clown fish. In Finding Dory, we catch up with the fishes once again in the Great Barrier Reef as they go on another adventure — this time to find Dory’s long lost parents.

“What would Dory do?” is what that Marlin and Nemo — and at one point even Dory herself — use to figure their ways out of perplexing and seemingly impossible situations.

But, how do you figure out what Dory would in fact, do?

I reckon it means forgetting the big picture, and the small picture, and every other pre-conceived picture. It is a focus on the things at hand — right at that minute. She doesn’t know that it can’t be done, because she doesn’t consider all the history of it not being done. She looks at things as they are; with a strong urgency to assess and resolve rather than dwelling on notions formed/unformed in the past.

Try it some time. When faced with an impossible situation, ask yourself what would a small little blue fish, who can barely remember where her home is, do to get out of a fish tank in a locked van that is driving faster and faster, taking her away permanently from the parents she’s managed to find after years of being alone.

She would look up, and find a window.

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