The Calm inside our Heads

A constant barrage on our ears.

In the office, a hundred voices speaking at once.

Phones ringing, mobile ringtones at all volumes, the hum of the air conditioning, the soft click-clicks of laptop keyboards, the hard click-clacks of the desktop keyboards. All captured in an enclosed space, and bombarded up on our ears everyday for 10 to 12 hours a day.

And, we so effortlessly banish it to the background. We some how focus away from it. To hear the person we’re talking to; to read that important document; to respond to that urgent email (with no typos!).

Isn’t it a super power?

Not just during the hours spent at work, in the evenings as you step out into the constant stream of traffic and jams. Bus rides and train rides, with the chatter of machinery so closely intertwined with the chatter of humans.

And then at home too. The kitchen chimney, chopping and churning of utensils; the television, music, air conditioner, ceiling fan. If all is quiet inside the home, then the faint strains of traffic spilling over from the windows.

And we carry on. Without covering our ears. Without going batty insane.

It is definitely a super power.

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