Lies we tell ourselves.

Do you remember that time, when you had experienced this exhilarating once-in-a lifetime feeling and wished to hold on to it forever. It was as if your entire life, you had been waiting for something to consume you in that exact fulfilling manner. Now that you had found it, you knew you wanted to hold on to it. You were not really paying attention to the details any longer, you were not thinking of the consequences and you were definitely not listening to your instincts. The temptation was strong and the will to reason through it, fell short. You were swept away like dry leaves in a New England Fall, you barely gave a hard thought to your actions, you had conveniently passed on the power, to that feeling, Oh and with such joy. You had surrendered. You were feeling this sudden surge of confidence, and you thought to yourself ‘If I give my best, If I give it everything I have, this feeling is going to last forever’. You were consumed by the worry, that it may be fleeting and so you fed it more and more of yourself, till your existence became synonymous with it (or so you thought). With belief in the permanence of such euphoria, slowly with time, you devoted copious amounts of energy and emotion preserving the remnants of it. But little did you pay attention, little did you realise that it’s all a memory now, carefully packaged in the most protective contours of your heart. Perhaps, this is one of the most extraordinary lies you tell yourself. You ignored the present and continued to dwell on the past. You let the fear of the unknown, make you clutch on to something that wasn’t even real anymore. You forgot to have faith in yourself. Do you remember that time?

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