Story Time: The Mother Who Birthed The World

quote by Warsan Shire

In 2002, my mother

adopted 2 of my cousins in all but on paper. We went from being a family of 4 to a family of 6. She divided the space equaly, she divided the food equally, she multiplied the homeword diligently, she multiplied the laundry diligently. She lost 9 pounds in 9 months.

My mother shrunk to make space for us.

She didn’t birth them, some people say. These people are blind. I saw her give birth to them. I saw her dig out her bones and carve out their limbs with her own marrow. It’s her blood that runs through their veins today. I saw her wake up twenty minutes earlier each morning to make two more lunch boxes. I saw her feet swell up from all the extra shifts. I saw her labour. And then I saw her push out enough love for five people; it weighed 9 pounds. She didn’t give birth to them, they say; they are wrong. I saw her birth them, I was there.

I saw her give birth to the world. I was there. And it was beautiful.

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