New year, resolutions and new solutions

Beginnings can be hard, they give goosebumps, little fear and little excitement, little joy and little sorrow, fear of leaving past of what we’ve been holding till now and joy of what is waiting right in front.

Do you remember when you were born, everyone was very happy to see a first glance of you, looking at them ? Nah, even i don’t remember. I don’t know even i was aware of others presence. They were happy (as parents), we were sad (as new born babies), we were crying, crying a lot, to let us be in mom’s womb, without knowing how beautiful this world can be for us than staying in womb. We were habitual, as babies too.

It’s important to know, aren’t we adding new habits that stuck us to routine or adding new habits that help us grow?

Some resolutions we make are just too out of the box, that we can not follow, when we know we can not follow, still we keep those resolutions. I’ve been there, this year i’m going to take resolutions which i can actually follow.

I was not thinking to take a resolution this year, was little upset with myself but then my aunt asked me “What are your resolutions of this year?”, I said, “Oh yeah, but please tell me yours first.” (i had not think of resolution till then), then she said “ i’m quitting my occasional alcohol.” i was not knowing she was having alcohol on occasional basis, as she had it once or twice in front of me. But her answer invoked me to have a resolution.

Beginnings are hard. That is the reason to celebrate beginnings, we feel less pain of leaving past. May every beginning be celebration for you and end become a double celebration!

This story is different from other stories you may be reading, how they are excited for new year. We all have been there. We all have been excited to set too many goals on 31st and gradually leaving goals behind. We have completed some, saying “yes! I’m so happy for myself, i could accomplish 1–2 goals, it took so much determination but it was worth it!”

This new beginning is so much important for us because this new year we know, how hard we have tried, how we have left them in middle and the hope to continue trying and keep trying!

This year is not a new chapter to life, but beginning to a new book, introduction chapter to new life which is waiting for us. This new book will showcase the efforts we have made to understand and to help us and others till now, learnt lessons till this date.

Let us take few resolutions, stick to it to create a new life from this life, a new story from this story, if resolution word scares you that you can’t follow, let’s take some decisions that can change our well-being.

I’m still deciding resolutions for the year, as i know i need to double clarify myself for setting any, to its accomplishment. I guess there’s not hurry to keep deciding your goals and modifying them according to needs.

I’m modifying some of resolutions i made last year, i accomplished them but felt they need changes to be more fruitful.Are you planning to have resolutions this year ? Which are they?

Looking forward to this new year, with a big smile and good hopes. Happy new year! Happy 2018!