One of a Kind.. A Writer

There are books with a great language, there are books with a great story, there are books that take you to a different realm of fantasy, there are books that evoke strong emotions and then there are certain books that have them all and more.

These books affect you so intensely without your realization, that it makes you wonder how you got this inexplicably connected.

Author Brandon Sanderson, is indeed truly remarkable! His use of language and his knowledge, has affected me to an extent which I cannot express very easily.

The stories are amazing no doubt of that of course, but its a wonder how he knows precisely what goes on in a reader’s mind.

It is marvelous how he pours Our thoughts and emotions so perfectly into His writing. I have been impressed, I have laughed, I was scared, I feared, I felt proud, I felt strong, I was shattered, I have cried, I have been startled and dumbfounded.

It’s not about inspiration or entertainment, Brandon Sanderson creates life. I am genuinely grateful and glad that I get an opportunity to share my life with him through his books and writings.

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