Wednesday Woes

It’s the mid-day of the week and it is a little personal to me. Personal because the incidents that occur on this particular day create havoc in my otherwise easy-going life. It is remarkable how Wednesdays can cause this amount of distress, either the circumstances are terrible or my mood swings are at their extremes.

To mention a few upsetting events, my company driver forgets to pick me up; I end up weeping on the street in the rain; get stuck in a never-ending traffic jam; a favourite pair of my shoes get mucky due to an unexpected downpour of rain; an unusual amount of work gets allotted; my menstrual cycles always choose to commence on this day.. Well, the tales of Wednesday woes go on.

Despite all this, I will not dread or vent about Wednesdays anymore. I’ll look at it positively and believe that Wednesdays are just like any other day of the week.

PS — Psst, I still wish Wednesdays get added into weekly offs.