Peroxide curing agent

The decomposition of organic peroxides and their crosslinking are free radical reactions. As the curing agent peroxide should meet the storage stability, safe processing operations, do not cause scorch, to decomposition temperature can quickly decompose, high cross-linking efficiency requirements. With peroxide curing rubber, in general, with a short curing time, good thermal stability of vulcanized rubber, heat aging, low compression water long deformation characteristics, the disadvantage is poor mechanical properties, in addition to organic peroxides poor security, easy decomposition , Easily, explosive, so the storage and transportation should pay special attention.
 Including three types: inorganic peroxides (barium peroxide, cadmium peroxide, magnesium peroxide, zinc peroxide), silicon organic peroxides, organic peroxides.
 Products are benzoyl peroxide, peroxide pairs of benzoyl peroxide, peroxide bis (2,4 — dichloroformyl), di-tert-butyl peroxide, 1,4-tert-butyl-tert-butyl peroxide Propyl perbenzene, dicumyl peroxide, t-butyl perbenzoate, t-butyl cumyl peroxide, isopropyl chloroperoxybenzene, t-butyl isopropyl carbonate, t-butyl peroxycarbonate .


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