Prevention of rubber aging deterioration to remove security risks

Tires should be replaced in 3 years / 60,000 km, the longest life of 5 years or 60,000 -8 million km. And the replacement of new tires when the owner must pay attention to the production date, otherwise it will change to the old but old old tires, this will also bring security risks. Tires are rubber products, with the passage of time, the rubber will be aging deterioration. The production date of more than 3 years of tires should be careful to buy, do not buy the production date of more than 5 years of products, the best choice for the year or the previous year’s tires, the closer the current date the better tires. Moreover, the tire as the only contact with the ground parts, and traffic safety is closely related. However, according to the survey, many use more than 5 years of tires are still in use, many owners will be puncture can not repair and then replace.
 The specific situation should be based on local roads and specific use. Under normal circumstances, the tire groove has a wear mark, once the signs exposed or polished need to be replaced as soon as possible, the use of excessive tires will be dangerous slippery phenomenon, driving will appear brake or rollover situation. During use, if the steel cord is exposed, or rubber rupture is very dangerous, can no longer be used, need to be replaced immediately.
 In addition, the occurrence of drums or depression also need to be replaced immediately. In addition to the production date of the purchase of tires, but also to check the tread and sidewall rubber materials are different, to prevent their purchase of refurbished tires. At the same time, replace the tire is best to replace the original size tires. After the old tires down, the new tires reloaded up, the weight is not the same, need to give the car to be a dynamic balance, if not do the phenomenon of deviation. When tires used for a long time,we should to do a four-wheel positioning and dynamic balance for the car, then it will be more secure.


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