A preview of the NFT token with Mona Lisa as the image
A preview of the NFT token with Mona Lisa as the image

I put up the Mona Lisa as an NFT. But, there is a catch.

How it started.

NFTs have taken the world of digital art by storm. Being an artist in the space for over a year now, I love how empowering NFTs are for creators. They became popular for being a token of value with permanence, immutability and decentralisation as some of its core principles. A few days back, I decided to question some of these principles.

What I created.

I created an NFT which is ever-changing - I created an NFT which I can change to whatever I want at a future date. And…

Early in my career in art and design, the one question that used to bother me a lot is ‘How exactly do I appreciate art?’ and connecting to this ‘Why do people tell a work is beautiful?’. I soon realised the answer to this was multiple: everything from the thought, the message, the subjective meaning, the story, the artist’s life and then the visual principles like arrangement of the elements, composition, lighting and more. The more I ventured into this, the more I was “analysing” a work of art, rather than “enjoying” or “feeling” it. And from this came a…

Edited version of image from RoyalEnfield website

I used Teachable Machine and P5JS to create a simple AI webapp. The app shows the names of each part of my motorbike, a Royal Enfield classic 350, when I pointed at them using my phone camera. Here is the video of the same:

Sharing this video online got many friends curious about how this works, and I thought I’ll write a tutorial on the same.

This can be done in 3 larger steps and require very very minimal coding. In-fact anyone can do this with a laptop, a smartphone and a wifi connection. I’ll try to explain the…

A few tips on designing for AR /VR with examples from my experience.

Over the last few years I have designed and prototyped multiple AR /VR experiences. Having worked with 3D for some time and being interested in immersive digital experiences, AR/VR was an obvious choice for me. I started off creating simple experiences and eventually moved into creating full scale products. Although not an all-inclusive list, following are some design tips from my experience with examples from my projects:

Tip 1: Remind the user regularly where they are in an experience

One of my earlier projects on the field of *R was a VR project — a guided walkthrough of historical…

A simple way to learn the concepts and grow your understanding of how things are engineered.

I consider myself a Design Technologist or a Computational Designer working in the mergence of tech and design. In my career as both a Designer and a Technologist, I have worked with some of the design labs including the one at Xerox Research and at Adobe Design Labs. I have worked in different parts of the product design lifecycle – from research, to design, to prototype. More often than not, my presentations are programmed prototypes and hence coding is something that has always given…

In recent times we have been seeing an influx of AI based art created from real life datasets like photographs and paintings. In such works, a machine learns and gets inspired from human works of art and creates something similar. But the true essence of creativity lies in not just repeating or simulating part or whole of an inspiration, but also being able to create surprises, new connections and something unique (non repeatable). This is why it is arguably said that machines cannot replace human creativity. …

What is art? Is it the unsaid? The unsettling?

The last few years have been very happening in the field of Generative/Procedural art. We have seen some of the exciting applications of this field hitting mainstream media — may it be generative architecture like the Digital Grotesque, or the AI generated paintings which sold for a bang or even simple apps which produce an artistic rendering of photographs using Neural Style Transfer like Prisma.

Generative art could be, in a broad sense defined as art generated using a set of instructions, usually using a computer. The art could be produced as a digital version, a physical version or as…

What is happiness? Is it an effect? Is it an event? Is it a state of being? Is it permanent? Is it a series of fleeting events?

What is happiness? Should we be satisfied with the pursuit of it? Or is there an end to it?

Can happiness be reached by getting something? What happens once you get it? Can happiness be reached by leaving something and getting it back, by controlling something and releasing it, by doing something and undoing it, by riding the wave up and then down? …

Morning coffee thoughts…only questions…

What would you want your future digital assistant to be?

A slave “Alex! Buy me a coffee, you know my taste”

A friend “Tardis, what do you think my suit colour should be? ”

A master “Deep bot.. what is the meaning of life?”

Or do you want it to be all these personas? If you do, what would such an assistant be as a character? Its no more similar to a human, but a multi-talented, multi-personality superhuman assistant. Is assistant really the word then?

What would be the changes (emotional, cognitive, personality) in the user…

A playful way of flying a drone using Augmented Reality.

Aquila is a project that I thought of doing to exercise my skills, learn something new and to push some boundaries in the process. For my readers, this is not a tutorial, rather a journey through my experience creating Aquila. Also, a disclaimer, I don’t claim this is the best of works, but a really good learning experience.

Aquila is Latin for Eagle. …

Fabin Rasheed

Designer | Creative Technologist | Inventor | Artist | AR/VR | AI | Tools for creatives | Ex-Adobe | Ex-Xerox

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