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Snapchat is quite underestimated, though I would link that to its ‘misuse’ when the app first gained traction online. In my article, I wrote how that made me delete snapchat off my phone as quickly as I installed it.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, I find snapchat helps you share whilst living in the moment & like real life you have the memory of it but not necessarily a ‘history’ of it, which is great. Less clutter, more privacy. It’s raw in it’s truest form which is what Instagram was with filters, before it turned into what it is now.

Beyond this, I quite like how Snapchat exposes its users to cultures, countries, events, stories etc in a way no other app has been able to do so far.

In terms of this publication, it would be interesting to see stories about how Snapchat is being used to create awareness globally, whether it be country/community specific issues or misconceptions people have or places, peoples & things; a window into global life so to speak.

Lastly, stories about people using Snapchat in innovative ways beyond brands & brand marketing. I’m curious!

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