School Life

So today is like erm, week 7 of student life. And also 3 or 4 times of me being unwell during that phase too. Heh. I think my body is showing me signs of help — like STOP STUDYING, HUMAN. Well, technically the only test that i had taken so far during this Advanced diploma was the MCQ test on Patho/Pharmaco and i passed with a D. WOOHOOOOOO ~ Contented as it is, since i’m not aiming for much either.

Weekly tutorial presentations are norm, on top of ICA group presentation and written individual assignment which are both due next week and the other week. And on top of that, Health Assessment Exam is on week 9, and Patho/Pharm written exam on week 10. WTF. What a mess, i swear. And they told us to get enough rest. Pfft, the irony.

School aside, i jusr saw Jannah’s wedding photos. So pretty. hehehhee, Can’t wait for mine. ^^ Speaking of that, catering/deco and bridal is finally done. woohoooo.

Till then, bye.

P.S I love you, fiance.

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