xx Clinical Attachments xx

Penang ~

Alright, so let me briefly give you a short snippet of what had happened from the last post till now. So exams are done. I passed, MSF passed. Alhamdulillah. Now we are currently undergoing 9 weeks of clinical attachments; 4 weeks of community postings (Community hospital, Dementia Day Care, Home Nursing Foundation & PsyGeri ward in IMH), 3 weeks of acute posting in geriatric ward and 2 weeks of OJT posting whereby all the students will be going back to their own sponsored healthcare companies.

As of now, i have finished my community postings as i was listed in the group which covers those areas first before acute setting. Fun and laid back, i must say. Let me describe each places i was posted to. First week was the Community hospital. It was more of bedside nursing and technically, i was helping out in the ADLs e.g showering. Shortage of manpower interms of nurses on the ground could be seen clearly in the CH and eventhough it is subacute setting, a ward full of sick patients can never be peaceful and serene. hahahaahahaha. Anyways, our lecturer gave us a task to present a case study on a patient to prep us for our acute posting. HNF was interesting as i was always curious in their job scopes as i tend to refer my patients to them very often. It was an eye opening experience to me. As for DDC, it was mundane as it is a routine kind of environment where clients would exercise for a short while and play around with other clients and eat and take a nap and eat and play around and go back. It is pretty similar to a child care centre. However, i learnt how to play few types of poker games with the aunties and uncles from the centre itself. Lastly was the psygeri ward in IMH. THE WARD IS WAYYYYY SAVVY AND PRETTY than the long stayers ward. Maybe coz its still new. But there is a garden where patients can take a walk or plant their own type of plant. There is even a weekly cooking class but only selected patients are able to participate. IMH postings would never fail my expectations.

So now, i am currently on my 2nd week out of the 3 weeks acute posting in one of the geriatric ward in a restructured hospital. It was so fast and yet so many objectives to meet and assignments to complete. There were 3 parts to it which is Health assessment on 2 different patients, a Verbal presentation on them which includes the abnormal findings and relating them back to age-related changes and thirdly, is the Written essay on one out of the two patients that i have been doing case study on. All to be done in 3 weeks, ikr. I managed to finish my HA last 2 days and my verbal presentation is due next week in 5 days time. OMG?!?!?!

Let's just breeze through this phase and get back to work. I miss donning on my sponsored hospital's uniform ^^

Till then, ohyaaaaaaass.

IT IS MY ONE AND ONLY PRINCE, BOO, SAYANG, TUNANG AND MANY MORE LOVE NICKNAMES, 20++++++++(th)BIRTHDAYYYY LAST WEEK. And i managed to give him the StarWars earpiece on time for his birthday, wootwoot.

Nights and stay safe.