First Impression: Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover

I bought this foundation because my sister swear it’s a good one. I was tempted to buy one because up until now i haven’t met my perfect foundation yet.

This foundation priced at RM 24.50 at Hermo Malaysia. It’s affordable although i must say it’s really tiny (only contain 15 ml of product). I bought #23 true beige which is the darkest shade available.

This foundation is perfect for people with oily to normal skin. I have dry skin and i apply moisturizer before the foundation. It has thick consistency and it is herbal-scented like most of the innisfree products. These days i mix the foundation with bb cream because it is really dry and i hate the consistency of the foundation.

I must say that i like korean cosmetics because of the technology and also cute packaging but i mostly dissapointed with their bb cream, cc cream and foundation basically because there is no right shades for me. Everything is too bright and white-ish to me. I look like coming straight out from twilight movies. Even the darkest shade available make my skin looks greyish.

Exhibit 1:

I have a healthy slightly tan skin but the application make me look like a vampire and also older.

Exhibit 2:

Nope. not for me..

This product is perfect for:

1)People with oily to normal skin

2)People who want better coverage

3)People who don’t mind looking white-ish

4)People who like herbal-scented product

For me… is not for me. Fortunately this product comes in tiny packaging so i don’t mind finishing it although i’ll never purchase this foundation ever. It’s too dry and it doesn’t match my skin tone.

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