II3231.05 — Bunch-load-happen, in one month…

Final Project (Progress #3), Human Computer Interaction
Nurizka Fitrianingrum

Hello, it’s me talking to you.
It’s been one month. Yes.

And, dear Mr. Kusprasapta Mutijarsa and Ms. Khairani Ummah… Please forgive all of my mistakes. Everything happen, yet, I think it’s still not-worthy to share. But, I will try.


April. It’s been the hardest time of the semester. It’s not just because the academic event. It’s just happen, really hard for me. Personally.

Have you ever thinking to rewire your life, yet you can’t because one-and-another event come without asking…

Progress-ly Nice: RFID Scanner

As I have mentioned in previous post about Final Project, our team will create a SMART School. According to System Block Diagram, there is RFID Scanner to scan Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa. The main idea is, we scan the RFID tag on KTM and sending it to the Arduino.

We are too tired failed-and-failed-again in ESP8266, so we try to move on and buy RFID Scanner. So we choose RFID Scanner RDM 6300 series, no particular reason (hahaha).

Starting up. With INSTRUCTABLES! We are doing the wiring and the coding from the website below. :)

Here the code and the wiring. Neat.

After that we try to tap our KTM. But, EEE WHY. The RFID Scanner cannot read the tag. First, we think it’s hardware or software problem. So magically happen that our friend, Kupluk, bring his Game Master Card that says it have a RFID Tag…

IT CAN BE SCANNED!! So, we assume that our KTM have RFID is fake. (Recently, we know that Andra’s team could read KTM RFID tag. So, it’s because the different of frequencies between our RFID Scanner and Andra’s)

Progress-ly Bad : ESP8266

“Maju mundur cantik…”, maybe this is the best thing to describe our desperate-full moment of the month with ESP8266.

#1. Starting up with Instructables, as usual.

#2. Fail-Success-Fail-Success. It’s like a infinite-loop

I just want to sum-up what happen.

1) First try, can do the AT Command (after change the baud rate to 115200). Could connect to Access Point but can’t send file to the server…

2) We found that we cant overwrite the code inside our ESP8266. And suddenly dead, I can’t do anything!! But after a hour of frustration the ESP8266 can be flashed with ESP8266 Flasher to the blank state.

3) Trying to send the file to server. Still fail. BUT WE HAVE A PROGRESS! IT’S SHOW RESPONSES!! Even just 408 (Request Time Out) or 400 (Bad Request)

4) FINALLY SEND DATA MANUALLY TO THE SERVER FROM SERIAL MONITOR. Stupidest thing ever it’s just because GET /attendance.php?id=”somevalueshere” HTTP/1.0/ we forget to place the last ‘/’ and because of error byte length.

5) Trying to automatically send data… Yet… SUDDEN ERROR AGAIN. IT’S BACK WE CAN’T EVEN DO AT COMMAND FROM SERIAL MONITOR. BYE. And the ESP8266 can’t be coded again. Just like the second story :(


Maybe it’s not comprehensive like my friend. But, the lesson I learned becuase of ESP8266… We need a compassionate person to live up the group. We nearly give up with ESP8266. IoT concept is great. Yet, why technically hard… :(