II3231.06 — What we want is… automated.

Final Project (Progress #4), Human-Computer Interaction and Interface
Nurizka Fitrianingrum

On the previous post, we already succeed to send data manually with AT Command in serial monitor. So what we need is tweak the code and devices so we can do it automatically. Yeah.

Here’s the php code, we change how the input is processed on the server before passed to the database. Previously, we have to state explicitly that the data we want to send is some strings.

And here’s the Arduino code.

After done with code, we just like another day wiring all the components. We upload the code and run the Arduino. Here’s snap from the serial monitor and the server log

Nothing seems error now in the serial monitor, it’s say that “Packet sent”. But if we look at the server log it’s says that 400 that mean “Bad Request” from the client. So something is’t right for the data sent. We try to compare server log in manual-way and automatic-way. Here’s the footage.

It’s perfectly the same, but why the server responded it differently? So.. Yeah just… Why. Please tell me why.

Tell me why~ Tell me why~

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