II3231.07 — The.End.is.Near

Final Project (Progress #5), Human-Computer Interaction and Interface
Nurizka Fitrianingrum

In-a-deeply frustration we ask other grup that their codes works well and can send the data through ESP automatically without any error. So we just assume that there’s actually something wrong with our codes, yet we didn’t even find how to solve it. So we give up with our codes and try to use one of our friend codes. We try from our friend, Ifan Ramadhan Zaki (my-most-long-last-friend-since-elementary-school)

Tada~! It’s somewhat done and fine. We receive the proper response from the server. That-200-code-things. Becuase it just magically happen so we don’t have any documentation. So please enjoy happiness face gif from Nam Woohyun and Kim Myungsoo that convey how happy our feeling.

Integrating all of it.

The last thing we need to do is to integrate all of the component. Arduino-ESP-RFID-Server. We didn’t sent dummy data anymore, we sent an actual data from RFID Scanner. Here some footage.

We try to scan the Game Master card into the coil. Yes, Game Master Card, just because our RFID can’t read KTM… Here’s the Arduino codes

After try-ing tweaking the code because we found some minor error… We upload the codes, and test it by tapping the RFID Card to the Reader. And here is the result.

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