A daughter's first love

I watched a film recently where the father begins to train two of his daughters to learn wrestling. He himself used to wrestle at a national level but always dreamed of bringing a gold medal for his home country.

He went against the norm of his society to train his daughters, took alot of insults, abuse and people making fun of him. Sure his daughters hated him for it when they began their training…then one day somebody reminded the two girls how lucky they were to have a father who not only treated them as an equal and as a human being but most importantly a father who believed in them. Then their attitude changed. They started to believe in themselves. They started to realise they were extremely lucky that their father wanted something good for them. They started to want the same dream as their father.

This was all in the backdrop of a society who marries their daughters off by the age of 14 and were treated as commodities, given away at the highest bidder, effectively. Someone to do the chores and bear children. Their desires, wishes, dreams and aspirations not allowed to flourish, not allowed to come to fruition and not allowed to dare think about it.

Cut a long story short the film had its highs and lows but the relationship between the daughters and their father was depicted in such a beautiful way. It showed a father who supported his girls. Who encouraged them. Who motivated them. Who treated them as an equal and never allowed them to feel inferior. A father who rolled with the punches as he took all that abuse and insults. All because he had an end goal in sight and he never lost focus.

This post is to say those who are fortunate enough to have a healthy relationship with their dads and are/were able to spend time with their dads are very lucky. As was I.

The relationship between a daughter and her father for me; has always been my most treasured relationship. The most beautiful relationship as my dad was everything to me. He taught me so much in the 16 years I was blessed to have him in my life.

It was my dad’s support that allowed me to dream. Allowed me to think outside the box. To believe in myself. It is what still drives me till this day. Not a day goes by without me thinking of him. Not a day goes by without me reflecting on what he taught me. Not a day goes by without me renewing my drive and my intention with my dad in mind.

He was taken too early. Way to early. Just too early. However he was around long enough to leave a huge impact on my life, he was around long enough for me to share stories about my dad with my younger sisters, he was around long enough for me to witness how he treated others, how he did good for the community, how he balanced life and his faith and most importantly how he taught me that nothing is impossible.

Cherish those moments who you have a beautiful relationship(s) with.

Love and Peace