Dreams, goals and success

Women have a history of being perceived as weak and insignificant to societies. But over time, women have made it clear that with hard work anything can be achieved. Now there are many women that opened the gates to success, and more importantly, helped in motivating others to do the same.

The journey to success will come with many downfalls and can put many off to even attempting to achieve their dreams. Giving up on your dreams is easy, but going forward despite the challenges that life throws our way is hard. It is exactly those who kept going and followed their dreams, who are now satisfied with achieving something in their lives.

There is a famous quote that says “Stop surviving and start thriving”. It perfectly resembles the meaning of life in a few words, motivating you to keep going and work harder on following your dreams.

Yes there will be many challenges and obstacles and even people telling you can not do it. It takes a very brave person to be able to push that aside and find the courage to say ‘I can do this’. And no matter how hard it is — you must.

I was always told the following that due to my culture, a culture I was born into and a culture I did not agree with:

  • I would never be anyone important;
  • I would never achieve anything in life;
  • I would never be successful;
  • I would never go onto to academic studies;
  • I would never be able to get a job;
  • I would never be able to get a ‘good job’.

The list could go on, but I was told that all because I was a young girl who dared to dream about going university. All because I was a female. All because I thought of progressing in life. All because I wanted to achieve something in my life.

So despite being culturally and economically disadvantaged, despite being from a super conservative family, despite those around me diluted faith with culture, despite being from a very strict Muslim household, despite being born into one of the poorest borough in London and experiencing multiple levels of poverty and deprivation…. guess what? I still did it!

So my quick message is if I could do then so can you.

What are you waiting for? Set your mind straight, clear it and write some ideas on paper. Build a plan that is worth achieving and start thriving the path to satisfaction. This is how you can start living your dreams — today!