NIMFAMONEY — The world’s first 100% decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform for token purchase on exchanges and ICOs for maximizing your personal profit

Nimfamoney is the world’s first cryptocurrency lending platform. Here you can borrow NIMFA tokens with a zero percent interest rate, use them to purchase tokens from other blockchain companies that come to an ICO, or directly at the exchange. You only pay for the access to an ICO and cryptocurrency markets + 10% of your profit at a closing of a position.

You do not have to sell your house, take a loan in a bank, borrow money from your friends, call your brother in the middle of the night with a request to lend you are a couple of thousands for buying tokens from the company that is starting
An ICO in just an hour.

All you need is to participate in Nimfamoney ICO, get NIMFA tokens, and after our ICO you can get a loan three times bigger than the amount of all NIMFA tokens you would get on our ICO. This is not a joke.

Every NIMFA token that you buy on the ICO in August 2017 allows you to borrow tokens for participating in new ICOs or for trading at the exchange without verifications and denials on our part or on any third party. All of these things are available in just minutes! P.S. This procedure is 100% decentralized!

While your neighbor owns 10000 units of cryptocurrency, you will get full 30000 units and beat him because you will have three times more resources to invest, and it will be you who hits the jackpot. You have always wanted to beat this bully who has been annoying you for a long time.

How does it work?

Nimfamoney cryptocurrency leverage works and will triple your personal profit from participating in the Blockchain-companies’ ICOs and trading on exchanges before 2018! Let’s say you are purchasing 1000 NIMFA tokens at an ICO (1 NIMFA = $ 5), and after the ICO you can borrow 3000 NIMFA tokens for purchasing other companies’ tokens at the ICOs and on exchanges. in order to get this loan of 3000 NIMFA (1 NIMFA = $ 5) you have to deposit 3.3% of the amount of the loan to get access to Nimfamoney.

For this, you are transferring 3.3% of the amount of your loan (given that the loan is 3000 NIMFA ($ 15000), you should transfer $ 495). This amount goes to the decentralized Nimfamoney cryptocurrency loan fund.

After transferring 3.3% of the amount of your loan you are receiving 300% of your initial funds to your Nimfamoney account. That is, if you had only $ 5000 for trading at the exchange or for purchasing tokens at an ICO, with Nimfamoney loan you have $ 15000 (3000 NIMFA), three times more! With a loan of 3000 NIMFA you can buy any tokens at new ICOs or at the Exchange immediately. You are paying the loan back in a period of between 1 and 30 days by transferring 100% of your borrowed cryptocurrency (with a zero percent interest rate) and 10% of your profit at a closing of a position.
NB: All loans are provided for a period of between 1 and 30 days.

This time is enough for participating in new ICOs and buying new Cryptocurrency. The interest rate on the loan: 0%. You only pay a 10% commission on your actual income.

How it Works and Step By Step :

  • You get NIMFA tokens in ICO
  • You can borrow 300% of all NIMFA tokens you get on ICO
  • To get a 300% loan in your NIMFA token transfer 3.3% of your loan amount (3.3% = 99 NIMFA, if there is a loan = 2000 NIMFA)
  • After that you immediately receive 300% -loan (2000 NIMFA in our example) and now you can get new token in exchange / ICO
  • Suppose you use 300% of your tos to buy 3 new tokens with your 3000 NIMFA. And all three of these new tokens grow in 100% price in 10 days = now the price is 6000 NIMFA
  • You refund 3000 of your NIMFA loan, pay 10% commission for your profit excluding loan amount (3000–300) and do not forget about 3.3% that you have paid when you start
  • NIMFA is your advantage
  • Now you can transfer your NIMFA 2601 profit to your wallet or continue to invest on the exchange and ICO

Road Map

JULY 2016

The idea of ​​creating a decentralized platform for crypto currency loans that incorporates blockchain technology.


Analysis of crypto currency exchange and consultation with experts.


Interaction with potential borrowers for feedback and formulation of value propositions.


Attract the first potential borrower into participation.

JUNE & JULY 2017

Meetings with borrowers to gain a better understanding of their needs and streamline decentralized decentralized crypto lending platform.


Carry out ICO campaigns and issue NIMFA tokens for the launch of the first crypto-curency loan platform to help investors buy profitable tokens and get the most from ICO and exchange.


Include NIMFA tokens in exchange. Issuing the first 10,000 crypto loans NIMFA.


Receive feedback from the borrower and use it to improve the cryptococcal lending platform.


Development and implementation of strategies to address the reduction of uncertainty and management of NIMFA exchange rate volatility tokens for NIMFA holders and borrowers.


Issuing 10,000,000 NIMFA crypto currency loans for the year 2017–2018.

2019 UNTIL 2020

Establish NIMFA tokens as the core instrument for crypto currency loans in the global blockchain community.


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