What “love” feels like P1

“Love” feels like every corny Nicholas Sparks movie.

Remember how I stayed up all night and barely got any sleep?

“Love” makes your heart beat out your chest with fear of changed plans.

Remember when you promised those flowers?

“Love”has no boundaries.

Remember how I sat on your lap and slowly typed out to you that we needed to end?

“Love”stays around even when it shouldn’t.

Remember how I sat sprawled on my knees, buried deep in the dirty carpet, as you pushed me away?


Remember how you promised you would never cheat again?

“Love” puts all in and expects nothing back

Remember how I fucked, cleaned, cooked, the respect for me right out of you?

“Love” fades

Remember when I left the house and never came back?

“Love” pleads

Remember how you cried?

“Love” changes

I changed and never came back to this “love.”