Today, we are announcing the v1 launch of the Nuron.World API. NuronLabs was founded with the goal of enabling truly safe & reliable real-world neural networks in production applications and this milestone brings us one step closer to achieving that goal. A well designed API is essential because it allows…

Although the Garter hype cycle believes that we’ve reached peak Deep Learning in 2019, I believe Deep Learning is in its early stages and there are numerous extremely valuable opportunities that lie ahead. Here are some of the opportunities I see for the next decade.

1. Real-world deep learning

The key shift that will…

A restaurant analogy

This article is the start of a series that will provide some background for the problems NuronLabs provides solutions to.

Precision-Recall is an important metric that measures performance on a few tough visual perception problems such as Object Detection, and Instance/Semantic Segmentation. Models trained to solve these tasks are often…


Building a neural layer for reliable real-world deep learning

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