No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

What the Democrats are doing right now is comparable to a 3 year old having a hissy fit because he cannot get his way. Sitting on the floor, refusing to move, yelling and screaming. It’s an embarrassment. The 3 year old doesn’t get his way and the Democrats are not going to get there way with this behavior either. Taking guns out of the hands of responsible citizens is NOT the answer.

There WAS a bill proposed this week that was voted down by the Democrats. The bill wanted due process for those refused a gun because things like the no fly list are arbitrary and any one of us can be put on it at any time for no reason at all. The Democrats turned it down because it looks better for them that they grandstand instead of reaching a compromise.

Sorry Ms. Giffords, you won’t get me to sign this letter and you won’t be getting my gun either.

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