Do you even know the 3 bills they want to pass right now?

yes, I am well aware of the bills they want to pass. Are you aware that the no fly list is arbitrary? anyone can be put on it at any time? no due process? and as I nurse I fully agree that the mentally ill should not have access to guns but how do we determine which mental illness should be allowed and which should not? is my physician going to violate my HIPAA rights? is someone who is depressed because of a marital breakup or loss of a child and is prescribed an antidepressant going to have to turn in their gun to get a prescription? How does my pharmacy know a Wellbutrin prescription is for depression and not for it’s off label use for menopause? Of course no one wants to give a terrorist a gun. there doesn’t need to be a bill for that but who knows who is a terrorist or who is not? it is not cut and dry. it can’t be passed without great amounts of conversation. Having a hissy fit on the floor of congress it not going to help anyone or get it done.

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