20 Signs You Were Born To Be a Nurse

If you are a nurse, you have many capabilities that others do not have. Throughout your career and education, you have learned and experienced things that tell you that you are in the right career. Here are twenty signs that you were definitely born to be a nurse:

  1. You don’t faint at the sight of blood. Nurses have to handle blood and blood products all day. You must not be bothered by these things!
  2. You can handle excrement and urine. Nurses deal with bodily functions all day long. If you are a nurse, these things won’t bother you and you will be able to handle them without feeling squeamish or gagging at the sight of it.
  3. You have compassion for others. This is perhaps the number one trait of a good nurse. If you realize that you have compassion for the plight of others, you will likely recognize that these are traits a good nurse has and that you are one of them.
  4. You have good communication skills. A good nurse can communicate with anyone, whether on the job or off. You are a nurse if you can juggle communicating with a doctor, an irate family member, and a grumpy patient all in the same day.
  5. You are physically strong. You must be able to move heavy patients and push around heavy hospital beds without breaking a sweat. If this is you, then you can safely say that you are in the right career.
  6. You have physical stamina. A good nurse needs to be able to stand for long periods of time and must work long and difficult shifts. If you can do these things and they don’t bother you much, then you can call yourself a nurse.
  7. You have good thinking skills. Nursing isn’t a job for the stupid person. You must be smart, on the ball, and able to do calculations for drug mixing and plan a patient’s care plan without a struggle. If this is you, then you are in the right position.
  8. You have empathy for others. A good nurse knows what their patients are feeling and can anticipate their needs. They have empathy for what their patients are going through and show that empathy through competent and respectful care for their patients.
  9. You are calm in the face of a crisis. Crises come up all the time on the job, especially if you work in the emergency ward or in the ICU. If you can remain calm during these crises, you can call yourself a competent nurse and can congratulate yourself on this important nursing skill.
  10. You are quick on the draw. Things can happen very quickly, especially in the OR, the emergency department, or in the intensive care unit. If you can think quickly on your feet, you can be considered a good nurse.
  11. You can problem solve anything. Problems come up as part of your day all the time as a nurse. A patient may have a crisis, a doctor may need something stat, or a family may need your assistance in understanding their loved one’s care. If you can problem solve these things without breaking a sweat, then you are a good and competent nurse.
  12. You can sleep anywhere. Nurses work long shifts and need to be able to sleep well when they are not on the job or with their family. You will benefit from being able to sleep anywhere and at any time.
  13. You can talk well with higher ups. This can be intimidating, especially when talking to a surgeon or to your nursing supervisor. In order to be a good nurse, you need to be able to talk to these people without fear or trepidation. You are a good nurse if you handle yourself with the proper decorum with your higher ups.
  14. You are oriented to detail. There is a lot of detail involved in nursing work. You need to make careful calculations and you need to remember all of the cares your patient’s need without forgetting something. A good nurse keeps track of detail and can go about their daily activities with a calm and collected head that has all the details inside of it.
  15. You are calm under pressure. When everything is going crazy about you and you can remain calm, you are being a good nurse. Hospitals and clinics both can be very hectic so if you keep a cool demeanor, you are doing a good job.
  16. You know your medicine. This may sound obvious but a good nurse knows a lot about medicine and will use it every day she or he works. This comes from training at a good school, passing your exams, and learning each and every day you are on the job.
  17. You can handle stress. Nursing is very stressful at times and being able to handle stress means that you are a good nurse. This means keeping a cool head and taking time out to relax when time allows. Handling stress is one of the most important traits.
  18. You are flexible. A good nurse can shift from the day shift to the night shift and can handle changes in patient care as the day progresses. You are considered a good nurse if you have the flexibility to handle all of the various things that can happen to you as you progress through your workday.
  19. You can still laugh when things get tough. Having a good sense of humor is a good thing to do as a nurse. Things can get tough when a patient is very ill or a death occurs, but if you can maintain a sense of the lighter things, you will do yourself and your patients a favor.
  20. You can multitask. If you can multitask on a variety of different things and can keep everything in ship shape even when things seem chaotic then you are set!

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Originally published at www.nursesuperhero.com