What are the general signs of physical abuse in nursing homes?

Every year, many families put their elders in nursing homes because they think that they will be well taken care of at these facilities. These facilities are often the most suitable places for them to receive the utmost care and medical attention. However, your loved one may receive neglect and abuse instead of care and safety. They can be physically, emotionally or sexually assaulted. Under such scenarios, an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help in this case.

Physical abuse in nursing homes is common. It occurs when a resident is subjected to physical pain or injury due to negligence or mistreatment. The physical condition of the majority of residents makes them susceptible to this kind of abuse; some are not able to speak because of some illness while some are unable to express their experiences due to dementia or any other medical issue. The residents are particularly susceptible to abuse by the staff members, nurses, and caregivers and even by other nursing home residents. If abuse is suspected it should be immediately reported and a full investigation should be carried out. The situation should be handled properly and legal help should be taken to claim justice.

The nursing care officials, doctors, nurses and family members of the residents need to be keenly aware of the sign of abuse. The victims may show sudden fear, anxiety or become very quiet and avoid eye contact with the person who has been abusive. Sprains, bruises, burns, and scratches are the common signs of physical nursing home abuse.

If you suspect or have witnessed the abuse of your elderly loved one at a nursing home, get in touch with an experienced lawyer to help you claim and get compensation that the victim is entitled to.

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