I can’t help people who can’t admit and face their mistakes.

Nor I can’t help them if they do not want to let me in.

I’m just saying this again, if you have a problem with me, talk to me. Tell me about your unhappiness. Why talk behind my back and seek comfort from people who have no say or it’s not even their problem to begin with? I feel it’s unfair for all this problem to be blame at me and only me for what you’ve caused. I don’t think you should even make this a big deal, in the first place.

4 times. 4 times i’ve reached out to you, asking you about your unhappiness and what did you do? Nothing. You literally ignore me. So tell me right now, is it my fault? Or was it my fault to begin with? I’m beginning to question why people gave/give up comforting you. Why they see no point talking to you. And also to hear you loosing friends? Hmm something to ponder, yes?

I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes and i face it. I’ve dealt with rejections. Bad ones. I’m sure you did too. But what are we supposed to do? Face it, suck it up and improve. Not all we want is what we get. Note to self ya?

Now i really see how hard it is. I now understand how they felt. Do i get dosa, writing about you? Yes. But i can’t help it because writing about my feelings is “somewhat” the way out. Basically, i just don’t want people to be burden/bored with this shit. Hey, i’m not religious. But for you not wanting to settle this/your problem, it makes me feel like i’m gonna get dosa too. And i hate it. Hati tak tenteram.

So right now I can’t really do anything. Only wishing and praying for your best. Forgive me for all the mistakes i’ve done to you. I just hope this won’t happen to anyone anymore. Wishing you all the best. Till then.

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