Someone asked me “Why guards? Is it because of the respect you’ll get?”

Answer is no.

My interest for army started after i step down from NCC. I wasn’t fully interested in it at that moment. It was somehow a side thing that i would wanna try. After joining poly, my interest grew bigger. But i did not do my research about army at that moment. All i know, i wanted to sign on army.

Only after the third year in poly, i decided i wanted guards. Not because of the respect or rank that i’m going to earn but because i was attracted to guards than the other vocations in army. To be honest i know guards was tough but i didn’t know it was a crazy kinda tough. After talking to my friends in NS about it, i then know about how crazy i was to enter guards.

To simplify things, i didn’t know about how tedious guards was until i talk to my friends.

I just feel like if you want to sign on army and make it as a career, you should go all out.

Add on to that i realised i can only say what i want now but i can’t confirm that i would do it. But i can only hope for the best. Amin.