Challenges encountered during an uncompleted web project

My journey into programming started well and it was so adventurous because of the love I have for programing is so high thinking that I can achieve whatever I set my feet on, without facing any counterfeit. As i set my fingers on my keyboard trying to start coding a webpage for networking rabbit breeders, because rabbit is my favorite pet. I feel the need and found out that people breed rabbits for commercial purpose as livestock and think I should fit in to make it easy for the aspiring rabbit breeders to search for existing breeders and seek information for their required needs. The place I can fit in is to creating a search engine friendly website for the aspiring breeders to search breeders closer to them, my goal was to be able to create a database for existing breeders with specific requirements and then integrate it with google map so as to achieve the goal of getting a sorted list of registered breeders closer to the person searching for the information. The challenge here is getting to know how to integrate with google maps API and the most suitable database to use for it. Well, you are guessing that I’ve make up my mind and settle for a database right? Well yes and no, I’ve started to learn PHP and MySQL in other to satisfy my need but guess what, am still yet to complete my project up till now. One of my progress on my project was when I learnt how to use feedback to improve my project, that was what encouraged me to started contacting people that have already created their websites and running live server to ask them of what they think about my idea and how to improve it, so to conclude my little tale, my project is still on progress. You can contact me if you want to help improve on my idea vie email at

Thank you