Tragic Story of Walrus

It’s so heartbreaking to see the “Our Planet” footage by Netflix that an abundant of walrus lost their habitat, especially when they have to come ashore and climb the cliff in order to take shelter, but in the end when they are starving, they need to return to the shore. That’s a big problem for them, because their eyesight in the air is not as good as in the water, and at the same time they need to descend the steep cliff. As a result, lots of them did not succeed because they were falling over the cliff and died.

The question is, “Where is the walrus used to be?”. They are out of sea ice. Since sea ice melts because of climate change, recently the number of walrus population have declined extremely. Undoubtedly and it can be denied that climate change is mostly caused by human activities in which cause temperature higher year by year, such as deforestation, burning fossil fuels and farming livestock.

So, this is my time and you to take action together right now. We can start from a very simple and an easiest way, like “turn off the light” either when you are going to leave or when you are going to sleep. Let’s save energy and our preciously walrus!


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