danis sa
danis sa
Apr 11 · 1 min read

My goal was to become president of taut

  1. Make patnership with other project so that the taut will attract many investor to buy coin because of its advantages
  2. Entered a small exchange to spread coin circulation and add new user to make more user

I have successfully released it to 1 exchange without Kyc

Eth fair: https://altmarkets.io/trading/tauteth

Create accuant and deposit here: https://altmarkets.io/funds#/deposits/taut

if the address has not appeared please wait 10 to 15 minutes

Happy trading TAUcoiner

3. Promo on the sosial media facebook and telegram with active member investor trader etc. So that more people know what taut is

4. Promo using telegram wallet bot because it’s an effective way to attract user making taut adopted massively by montioning the axcess adventages of the taut

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