Hi there! I am so stuck up with my exams right now but just couldn’t resist writing anymore, so here goes … this isn’t really a serious one but just about life currently. I’ve turned 21 and and and I am graduating as well. So there goes another chapter of life…which is followed by a surge of thinking , brainstorming , jumping from one step to another and trying to grab an opportunity which we would cherish all our lives.

But before this is over, I must confess college has been better than I thought. While we grow up we always think of how different college would be and how seniors who went to college were seniors, FOR REAL and by the end of twelfth grade I could not wait for school to get over! By the time I joined my first year of college, I genuinely hated it … I couldn’t fit in really well initially , couldn’t see faces that I was familiar with from school ( actually , this wasn’t that bad since half of DPS Vasant Kunj joined venky.) but you know how you’re used to a particular set of friends and suddenly you have to fend for yourself … For all those who would go to college and if it happens to be Delhi University ( Specifically Venky ) IT’S NOT LIKE SCHOOL . If I have to mention one thing my college taught me was to do things on your own — whether it is studying, not studying , building a career, managing a society , being a part of one , making friends and managing money or anything under the sun!

College kicked off on a bad note, while dealing with a heart break…

but I found a partner in crime and friends whom I’d invest so much in that they’d become family, today they are people who would always catch me when I fall and cheer for me as I crossed different milestones. We would fight , disagree and have this constant itch to rip each other’s hair but grow and evolve together . It is here that I discovered my ambitions and what I really wanted to achieve , it is here that I found my flare for writing and it is here that I was blessed with the two of the best internships I’ve had and so many opportunities.

I’ve come across such brilliant, humble and beautiful humans … inside and out. As grumpy as I would be to have rushed for class at 8:45 , running on minimum sleep and travelling in metros only to find that the teacher left a message earlier ,cancelling the class … I would enjoy reading the newspaper in silence along with a cup of coffee right before the chaos begins .

Yeah yeah , DU might come off as more of friends and less of teaching but no! I’ve had the opportunity to come across mentors who have changed me as a person, made me more determined in order to pursue what I want to.

And more importantly in my very own way bring a change. Some who have had the capacity to shake me up from my slumber, made me realize how privileged I am in this world and how I owe something to this universe for that.

When I stood on the stage, conducting my own farewell , I realized … for three years we complained about the monotony of our college

lives , we never realized that we sat in that cramped room number 13 as we did three years ago but only as grownups and somewhere down the line we had after all changed . I grew as a person and I grew for good …a part of which I’d owe to each and everybody who has been a part of my college years.

Damn, I am old.