5 Things We Enjoyed at Makers’ Block 2015

After getting to know each other from our very first NUS Makers Meetup, a bunch of us took a trip to Makers’ Block — the largest ground-up learning festival — on it’s final day! This festival features both home grown and overseas artists, technologists, designers and craftsmen to create a beautifully curated learning by making experience.

(mini group of) NUS MAKERS

Here’s a summary of what we got out of the festival.

1. Relationship Goal: 3D scan and print models of you and your fiance

Would you ever think of shooting your wedding photos at Makers’ Block? Well, this couple did! Their love story began when they first met each other at the festival last year, and now they are back to spread some love.

Scanning in Progress
Model of the Groom.

2. Reinvent Interactivity with Makey-Makey.

“Let’s say you load up a piano. Then, instead of using the computer keyboard buttons to play the piano, you can hook up the MaKey MaKey to something fun, like bananas, and the bananas become your piano keys.”

Banana Piano

This is my personal favorite (I’m Ying Ling, btw). As an interaction designer, I am most excited about the endless possibilities that Makey-Makey offers. Using this tool, designers can create novel ways for users to interact with computer programs (be it games, interactive stories and all the other creative projects we build at CNM, Interactive Media Design). Keyboard and mouse are too old school.

3. Rule #1 of Flying a Drone: Always Pick Up Your Own Drone

Rule #2: Listen to the instructor attentively.

Adults and Children, all the same.

Rule #3: Never underestimate the level of skill it requires to fly a drone.

Yup, our drone loves to stay on the ground a lot. We did great.

4. VR is Fun (regardless of how dizzy it gets).

Miss Sarah Ho
Mr Hadi Lee

5. When Makers Meet

We’re elated to meet some amazingly talented people from SUTD Makerspace who are the proud creators of this Space Defenders game.

Sarah trying desperately to get the high score.

Featuring Fazli, an NUS alumnus and director of 12 Geeks, who was showcasing Makey-Makey that was mentioned earlier.

Sitting like a boss on the 100% trustworthy cardboard chair


A casual conversation with Fazli led to some possible plans for a workshop this December at the Hackerspace. We’re stoked. Stay tuned!

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