2017 Design Trends In Window Treatments

If your curtains or blinds are looking a little tired and outdated, why not think about a fresh new look for your windows in 2017?

Changing your window treatments is easier (and often much cheaper) than you think and with so many different options available nowadays, its never been simpler to give your interiors a stylish update. From sheers to shutters, blinds to box pleats, here are some top trends for the new year which may just inspire you to ring the changes!

Simply sensational

A strong trend is away from heavy and ornate window treatments towards much simpler and less fussy installations involving cleaner lines and understated, streamlined styles.

Live lighter

Windows are big news in 2017 — both in terms of physical size and in terms of their visual impact. People are looking for lighter, brighter interiors so theyre getting rid of heavy curtains or blinds which reduce the amount of natural light and theyre installing larger windows in new builds. Windows are becoming the focal point of a room and the focus is on maximising the light source.

Sustainable shades

Sustainability will continue to be a strong trend and the popularity of natural materials like linen, bamboo and timber will continue to grow. In line with this strong focus on environmental consciousness, many people are also choosing window shutters and outdoor blinds as an effective means of using natural light to reduce the costs of heating and cooling their homes.

Layers of contrast

Another strong trend for window treatments in 2017 is to combine several layers of contrasting (yet complimentary) colours and textures to create interest and ambience. For example, you could have textured blinds with a lightweight sheer curtain or white window shutters with a lightly textured woven linen curtain — the combinations are endless. Multiple layers also act as added insulation and sound-proofing so theres a double bonus of looking good AND doing good too!

Matt and earthy

High gloss and high shine are giving way to a much more natural look when it comes to curtain hardware — with wood, bamboo and brushed metal growing in popularity. In terms of a colour palette for 2017, muted, earthy colours are still on the rise but there is an emerging demand for deep, jewel-like hues such as emerald and ruby which are introduced to add a pop of colour and interest.

Automation advantages

Homeowners will continue to take full advantage of the ongoing technological advancements in curtain and blind design as they look for modern conveniences to enhance and streamline their busy lifestyles. Automated window treatments like motorised blinds, automatic roller shutters and remote controlled curtains will continue to grow in popularity and tech-savvy consumers will look to their smart devices and apps for opportunities to automate their environments.

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