You have to pay for these extension Cucomm :) go ahead!

Laravel is simple yet complex internally yet elegant and easily customizable.

Recently I had a scenario wherein I would need 2 more columns in jobs table and values need to be inserted when job is created. …

On Facebook there a tab named people after you search for a particular user by name and/or place.

From this page, you can add friends by sending them friend request. You can click on Add friend button to add friends manually. But its pretty boring task huh ! ? :)

Top frameworks to learn in 2019!

Hi techie folks! Laravel fan here. So I may be a bit biased towards Laravel. ☺

Gone are the days when we used to have big files named login.php, logout.php, dashboard.php. And it used to have whole code including sql queries, authentication, templating at…

Pratik Joshi

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