The RSW( Russian Students Week)

I worked as a volunteer in the forum. It was hard and stressful. I completely plunged into the job. I became a part of the team, a member of our big family!

And it was a great event in my life! Every day of the last week I was with the team of RSW. I spent a lot of time to improve our project and to realize our goals. I visited places of great importance like Police Academy or City Duma and met influential and sagnificant people.

Moreover, we met with Olimpic champions… it was unforgettable. They have so indomitable character. We felt it, when they told their life stories and plans for the future.

And every day we spend some time fot to be closer to each other (teambuilding). One time we went to PORTAL 52 to play. It was VERY COOL! I advice to go there to everybody!!! And that is not why they(PORTAL 52) was our sponsor) The address: 5 floor, 2a, Gordeevskaya St. N. Novgorod. Open hours: 10.00–21.00. Good luck!