Puff the Magic Demagogue

by Tracey Scheer

Puff the Magic Demagogue lived in a tower
And seethed his hate and termed it great and grasped for ultimate power.
KKKs and racists, and those feeling deprived
Bought his crap and had his back in promulgating lies, oh!

Together they attacked all kinds, Muslims, blacks, and Jews,
Mexicans and assaults on women dominated the news.
Heads of state and GOPs would bow to Puff at last
When he won the Presidency with the rest of us aghast, oh!

Puff the Magic Demagogue will live in DC
And fill the White House with his despicable cabinet-to-be
Swamp billionaires, supremacists and science denier-ees
He’ll keep his business conflicts to enrich his family’s tree

The working men and women, who wait for him to bring
Back obsolete employment and old style white supremacy
May have to wait a long long time to get what they thought due
Cause demagogues are con-men who use a witch’s brew, oh!

Promises mean nothing to the egomaniacal Puff
His grist is power, vanity and money making stuff
Don’t challenge him or you’ll be screwed, he’s not afraid to Tweet
And use the power of the Presidency to bully and mistreat.

Don’t bemoan the tale of Puff — soon the tide will turn, 
Like Hitler, Mussolini, McCarthy and -wait- don’t we ever learn?
It’s time to put away the lies, hate and fear of changing plan
And embrace new demographics to help our fellow man, oh!

Puff is starting to look green around the gills,
He will not last, his mind can’t grasp what his ego wills
Together we Americans must heal this great divide
And await the growth of the millennial and minority tide

Hate and fear can only thrive in ignorance and despair
So let’s get fixing education, and middle class repair
We have too many external threats to waste time with swampy Puff,
Like climate change, Russian hacks and other Isis stuff.

So Say goodbye to childish things and get rid of Puff!
Let’s impeach him or vote him out and get on with the real stuff.
We won’t miss his antics, or his miserable appointees. 
His thin-lipped kids and plastic wife will fade in memories.

Don’t be sad for Puff, my dears, he’ll retire a billionaire
And be buried in a gold coffin with his coiffure extraordinaire.
And lest we forget to improve our education we might in future see
Ivanka Eric or Don Jr. rise from the swamp of Haneli.