What Does the Nutrisystem Diet Plan Include?

Weight loss diet plans and supplements are popular search terms on the internet, and there are plenty of products in this category. Every day, some new item is coming up.

NutriSystem is one of these new diet programs and promises immense benefits to dieters. Many people have great things to say in their feedbacks, comments and reviews about this diet plan. Dieters can choose from plenty of options, and the program itself comes at a reasonable cost.

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Welcome kit

Dieters can get a welcome kit along with a 1 month processed food package, and a meal planner.

This meal planner is of the same size as a checkbook. Users can make use of the kit as a guide about how they can go on with the program and their meals in a daily format.

You do not have to refrigerate or freeze your meals when you first receive them. Rather, you can simply store these in a cabinet or on countertops at the room temperature.

Nutrisystem has introduced new frozen food options over the last few years but these can be added in the premium plan. You don’t need to order them if you don’t want to.

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Food Package

A famous diet plan, Nutrisystem demands that you mostly have pre-packaged meals that come from it, along with various other foods like milk, vegetables, fruits and various dairy products.

The foods in Nutrisystem consist of pastas, brownies, soups, bars and muffins, pizzas, ice cream, lasagna and chicken wraps to name just a few.

All the meals included in the program include good or complex carbohydrates, in the right amounts. These are low in fat and carbohydrate content.

The diet program is based on the simple science of weight loss, and you cannot really go wrong with it. It has individual plans for women and men, which are a bit varied and depends on the varied caloric requirements needs of the two sexes. Basically men get more food than women as their caloric needs are greater.


You can also get many extra freebies that are included in the entire package. You can get counseling via phone or the web, which can assist you to determine the type of program that would fit your goals and dietary needs in the best possible ways.

The period for the entire program and your choice of foods can completely vary. The program also comes with a catalog that lets dieters check which other items could be ordered in the months to come. You can also get daily motivational messages, which would provide you with little inspiration from time to time, and ensure that the program yields successful results for you.

Online classes and newsletters

These can help you to be more aware about the various advantages and the tricks or tips that can help improve the impacts of the program for you.

These also comprise of extra information about how long the program should extend for a particular user or the type of variations possible in the diet plan as per the specific health status of a person. It also comes with diaries for weight loss check and online fitness, a Members’ profile section, bulletin boards and chat rooms. Every online advantage is included in a website that is easy to use and navigate.


Is Nutrisystem Right For You?

If you’re looking for a diet that sends you almost all of your food (so there’s almost no cooking on your part) and even includes sweets like cookies and ice cream, this is a great option.

You get 28 days of food in one order and a wide variety of meals so that it’s almost impossible to get bored. Plus, with certain plans you can even design your own menu — meaning you can get your favorite meals and skip the ones you don’t think would taste very good.

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