12 Health Benefits of Pickle Juice

Why should you drink pickle juice? These 12 health benefits of pickle juice will make you a habit of drinking this juice. If you are a fan of pickles, we have great news for you — the juice that stays in the jar after you eat the cucumbers is also very healthy!

Pickles contain a lot of water and minerals, mostly potassium, magnesium, and manganese, so they are great for hydration and detoxification. Delicious cucumbers also have the power to regulate blood pressure and improve digestion.

They are also great for removing all harmful substances from the body and are a real treasure trove of vitamin A, fiber, and silicon, which is important for skin health.

Perhaps surprisingly, the trend of drinking pickle juice has become more and more popular lately. Here are 12 reasons not to throw away the liquid in pickles.

12 Health benefits of pickle juice

Pickles have a good mineral and probiotic composition

About 100g of cucumber juice contains the following ingredients:

— 0.4g carbohydrates

— 1–5% of daily calcium needs

— 50–100% of daily sodium needs

— 3% for potassium

— 3% of daily needs for magnesium

Pickles are very rich in a range of beneficial probiotic bacteria, especially if they are home-made.

If they are not home-made then they have undergone a pasteurization process — destroying most of the microorganisms in the jar.

Due to the high percentage of sodium, especially people with high blood pressure should be careful with the amounts in which they use pickle juice.

Pickle juice soothes muscle cramps

Some athletes have been using this salty drink for years for better hydration, but also as a good source of electrolytes.

In addition, they have found that it reduces muscle pain and cramps, although experts still can not find an answer as to why this is the case.

One thesis is that vinegar can act to stop nerve signals that cause cramps.

Some studies show that drinking only 1/3 cup of cucumber juice can contribute to a positive effect on muscles.

Pickle juice also contributes to better hydration

We all know how important water is to us because of the hydration we get from consuming it. We need hydration especially in the summer or if we have more intense physical activity.

Drinking a drink that contains potassium and sodium in addition to water, helps to hydrate faster.

Sodium and potassium are electrolytes that are lost through sweating.

Cucumber juice has these properties, so its consumption, especially after intense physical activity is extremely important.

This juice helps the body hydrated properly and make up for lost electrolytes much faster than usual.

Pickle juice is a solution against sunburn

That’s right, in the summer we sometimes forget to get out of the sun in time and end up with a sunburn.

But the solution is in the juice of pickles. Take a cotton ball and just soak it in cucumber juice and gently moisturize the skin where you have been sunburned.

In fact, the vinegar will help and soothe the sting of the burn.

Pickle juice is a cheap and healthy drink

By now, you’ve probably thrown the pickle juice along with the jar!

This is not a smart move at all. Cucumber juice is a great substitute for expensive sports electrolyte drinks, which we have seen before and why.

Pickle juice also contains antioxidants

Pickle juice also contains quite solid amounts of vitamins C and E, two key antioxidant vitamins. They are also of great importance for the skin, bones, immune response, and a number of other functions.

Antioxidants are the body’s defense mechanism against free radicals — harmful components that exist are produced as metabolic waste in the body and oxidatively damage its various cells and tissues.

The body has mechanisms to produce a certain percentage of necessary antioxidants, but still generally depends on the intake.

Permanent oxidative damage leads to processes of chronic inflammation or inflammation. All this in the long run is one of the main reasons for the development of chronic diseases.

Health benefits of pickle juice in the weight loss process

Sour cucumber juice contains quite a large amount of vinegar. According to several studies, daily consumption of vinegar can help to lose weight.

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that vinegar can prolong the feeling of a full stomach and fullness.

Similar to this study, a study of laboratory mice fed a generally high-fat diet found that acetic acid effectively reduced the body’s total food intake.

Health benefits of pickle juice in lowering blood sugar levels

One of the most positive properties of vinegar mentioned in several studies is its ability to lower blood sugar and reduced insulin secretion after meals.

Acetic acid has shown properties to maintain a longer feeling of fullness.

At the same time giving a positive effect to several enzymes that are involved in metabolism, ie in reducing the absorption of sugars.

The probiotic composition of pickle juice is important for the beneficial intestinal microflora

Scientific studies say that probiotics obtained during fermentation can help restore and maintain balance in the beneficial bacterial microflora.

Of course, probiotics (beneficial bacteria) also remain in the juices of probiotic products, such as beets, pickles, cabbage, etc.

According to them, probiotics can reduce the unpleasant symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, which is a very common condition among the population.

Additionally, fermented foods can help with diarrhea, stomach aches, gas, and constipation or constipation.

So, improved digestion is the main reason to consume fermented food, but also its juices, certainly among most reasons, including:

— better immunity

— improve cardiovascular health

— better mental health

— normal body weight, etc.

Sour cucumber juice also contains spice dill

The spice most commonly used in fermenting cucumbers is dill.

It contributes to better digestive health — improved digestion, reduction of abdominal pain, stomach cramps and gas, etc.

Pickle juice prevents bad breath

Some harmful bacteria are the most common culprit for bad breath in our mouth. Bad breath often leads to a variety of situations.

The good concentration of vinegar, but also of dill in the juice of pickles, make it have an antibacterial effect.

In particular, cucumber juice can successfully fight the mentioned harmful bacteria.

Sour cucumber juice and its benefits for the kitchen and home

1. For tastier meat

You can use pickle juice as a marinade for pork or steaks.

Because the juice of pickles will soften them and make them tastier.

It is enough to marinate the meat briefly in this juice.

2. Cures a hangover

The electrolytes from sour cucumber juice also help with a hangover — you will feel better.

Sauerkraut juice or has a similar effect.

3. Revives houseplants

Your plants need a lot of potassium to be beautiful and healthy.

The juice or juice of pickles contains potassium which helps the plants to grow well, so from time to time you can add it to the pot.

4. Clean metal dishes

Metal vessels may turn green over time due to oxidation.

And pickle juice helps to remove and restore their basic shine.

5. Prepare a cocktail with pickle juice

Surprise your friends with a refreshing cocktail. Put a few ice cubes in the shaker. A little vodka and pickle juice.

Shake well and then fill a martini glass. Garnish with a slice of fresh cucumber in the drink and it is ready for tasting!

6. Use pickle juice for cooking

You can also use cucumber juice to make a salad as a substitute for vinegar.

The juice can also be mixed with yogurt to get a creamy salad dressing for lettuce, egg salad, fish, and potatoes.

Some also use the juice to marinate meat to make it juicier.


Sour cucumber juice is much healthier than we think.

The composition contains carbohydrates,

1–5% of the daily needs for calcium, also contains good amounts of sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

By consuming pickle juice we get many benefits for our own health.

Some of the most important are: lowering blood sugar, better digestion, healthier bones and skin, weight loss, and other benefits we have listed in today’s article.

Pickled cucumber juice also helps in cooking, home, and plant cooking.

Therefore, it is best not to throw away the pickle juice, because it can obviously contribute a lot to preserving and improving our health.




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