How to Eat Healthy With Your Partner

Is this an elusive lifestyle only accomplished and practiced by unicorns or people who have all the time in the world to devote to this practice of balance as a duo?

NO! You and your love can totally make this work, here’s how and what I’ve learned from personal experience and coaching my clients. Questions I often get asked from friends, family, or through email is “Does your boyfriend eat as healthy as you do? How do you make it work if he doesn’t? How can I get my partner into healthy living? I wish my husband would eat more vegetables, how do I get him to?”

First things first, my motto with living #nutritionstripped in real life is truly about balance, it’s about enjoying life, feeling amazing, and leaving diets and dogmas at the door. Second, it’s about taking the time to change habits which can be tough work, that’s why I coach weekly with my clients. Third, remember to have fun when incorporating new habits into your lifestyle (and your partners) — it makes the process much more enjoyable.

Here’s how to get in sync with your partner and healthy habits:

Be a role model, not a goal setter

We all know how hard it is to change our habits and create new habits, it takes time and constant practice! Lead by example and be a role model rather than setting goals for them; pay attention to your own healthy habit groove, your morning routine, and healthy foods and recipes you make/enjoy. Habit change requires an internal desire or need to change, so be supportive by showing them the way. Give them the space to feel empowered and inspired by what you’re doing, eating, and how you want to live.

To this day, my mom, dad, and brother are fantastic examples of this. I know we can all get excited and want to scream at the top of our lungs “I FEEL AMAZING, I WANT YOU TO FEEL IT TOO!”…but we kinda need to chill out. That can be really overwhelming, intimidating, and can lead them in the opposite direction of adding new healthy habits.

When I want to skip a workout or sleep in, I’ll say “I need to show up for myself right now”. Saying a mantra aloud that resonates with you gives you motivation and sets the tone to inspire your partner with something they want to do for themselves.

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