How Nutrouble Transformed my Life for the Better

Until my early twenties, I lived a carefree and happy life. I could eat anything I fancied without fearing the consequences. Little did I know, I would eventually look back and wish I hadn’t taken that freedom for granted.

Because when I took what should have been an exciting opportunity to travel the world, everything began to change. With frequent and erratic changes in diet, my intestines started to protest.

Initially, the pain I experienced was fairly mild and manageable, but over the years my struggle progressively worsened. The culmination came after an evening out with friends, when I ended up curled up on the couch in immense pain.

I decided there and then that enough was enough. I could no longer allow my digestive issues and constant pain to ruin my life. It was time to take back control.

On visiting my Doctor, she pointed me towards the low FODMAP diet. If you have ever given this diet a go, I’m sure you will be aware that it can be a struggle initially. Navigating daily life whilst incorporating low FODMAP foods took some getting used to, and manual tracking was incredibly time-consuming and often felt like guesswork.

Luckily, I discovered Nutrouble.

Nutrouble is a powerful and convenient nutrition diary, perfect for those who are diagnosed with a food intolerance or IBS and wish to track their triggers more carefully, or even for people who simply want to figure out if they have a food intolerance at all.

With Nutrouble, you can get handy ‘risk indications’ based on what you consume and the symptoms you experience in the hours following. Everything is taken into account, from where abouts in your body you are experiencing symptoms, to how soon after food consumption they appeared. These complexities are all considered to ensure you are provided with highly accurate insights and predictions.

Nutrouble’s precise technology will allow you to pinpoint exactly what your body dislikes, removing the need for blanket removal of entire food groups if it is not necessary. There really is no other app like it — Nutrouble is leading the game by providing innovative solutions in food intolerance tracking.

What’s more, the longer you use Nutrouble for, the more it gets to know you, and the more accurate it becomes. Identify repeat offenders and easily figure out what to cut down on and what to eliminate from your diet completely with repeated tracking.

Since I have been using Nutrouble, my lifestyle has drastically improved. Not only am I almost entirely free from pain, but the knock-on effects on every other aspect of my life have been powerful.

Because as every sufferer will know, IBS and digestion issues are about more than not being able to eat certain foods. When unmanaged, being in constant pain can cause problems with everything from your mental health to your social life.

Nutrouble has effectively freed my mind and body from the clutches of complex food intolerances. Each of our bodies are wonderfully different, and therefore have their own unique problems, too. There truly is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and Nutrouble recognizes this. Nutrouble can provide you with a bespoke, highly individual snapshot of your personal risk factors for potent and long-lasting results.

Thanks to Nutrouble, I no longer spend my life in fear of my next meal, because I know exactly what I can eat symptom-free — no guesswork involved. I have never been happier, and letting go of messy manual tracking and opting for an effective, easy and empowering alternative is the best decision I ever made for my health and wellbeing. Make that decision for yourself today and get ready for powerful and positive changes to follow.

What speaks volumes to me is that Nutrouble was founded by a fellow IBS sufferer and follower of the low FODMAP diet. This first-hand experience really adds to the detail and quality of insights the app provides. It’s very obvious that the creator of Nutrouble knows our problem, feels our pain and cares enough to help.

So what features does the Nutrouble app actually provide?

Nutrouble is an incredibly user-friendly app and is accessible whatever your technological confidence levels. It features a handy barcode scanner for tracking foods easily (and the option to add a new product if it is not recognized). If you’re a creature of habit like myself, you can easily search for previous meals to track them again.

There is even the option to quickly and conveniently switch between dates and put your app into dark mode when you’re ready to wind down for sleep (regular sleep can be another great way to improve digestive health!)

In the spirit of accessibility, and because everyone deserves to free their body from the clutches of IBS or food intolerance, Nutrouble is 100% free. And what’s more, despite being free the app does not display ads and remains heavily focused on privacy. Tracking your food intake and symptoms is highly personal. Nutrouble understands this, which is why your data will never be tracked or sold to third parties.

If you love Nutrouble, which I am certain you will, you can upgrade to Nutrouble+. With Nutrouble+, you can show your support for the app whilst gaining access to some great bonus features to enhance your Nutrouble experience even further.

Of course, it’s important to note that although Nutrouble has brought about significant changes both for myself and others, it is important to remember that the app was founded by a developer, not by a qualified scientist or Doctor. If you’re just starting out with the low FODMAP diet, or have only recently started experiencing pain, be sure to visit a specialist Doctor or dietitian for advice before embarking on your new journey.

If you have consulted the experts and are ready to take back control of your life and fight back against your pain, you can download Nutrouble for free in the iOS app store using the link below!

Download Nutrouble here:
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