Women in Technology Dreamforce Outpost event

The Pune Women in Tech User Group organized a Dreamforce Outpost on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at the O Hotel. 12 women attended, from various companies like Accenture, Screen-Magic, Syntel, Extentia, Varian and Jade.

Radhika Bansal, Group Leader, welcomed us all with a friendly smile and handshake. We had a round of introductions where people shared that they were looking forward to know more Women in Technology (WIT). Those who were part of the Salesforce Success Community spoke about its usefulness- all they had to do was search if they had a technical challenge and someone would help. Radhika spoke about the passion some people had for Salesforce-

“They live Salesforce, they breathe Salesforce.”

Well, for those four hours, so did we!

We began by watching a short video featuring Erica Kuhl, Senior Director of Community at Saleforce. We also tweeted about that, tagging her, so that she would know that we too were experiencing Dreamforce, even though we were thousands of miles away.

Then it was time for the highlight of the afternoon- the Marc Benioff keynote. It was fun watching it together, oohing and aahing over key moments, like when Einstein made a surprise appearance.

When Shubha Nabar, the Salesforce Lead on Data Science presented about Einstein, we were collectively inspired to see an Indian origin woman in technology get so far.

We took a break midway and networked over tea and snacks. Many of us were developers, who customized applications for Salesforce. Others were consultants, who helped clients get the most out of Salesforce- identifying challenges, solving them with Salesforce and training the team who would handle it after they moved out.

Radhika told us that this was the first time Salesforce was sponsoring Dreamforce Outposts across the world. 160 groups in 28 countries participated- we were excited to be part of this global event. She also told us that in December a MVP would be coming, who would take a session on Salesforce Lightning.

After we finished watching the Benioff keynote, Shilpa volunteered to play the AppTales game. We shared a good laugh over the story that came out of her inputs- it was quite funny as there was a pink dog in it!

A quiz on Salesforce followed. Our new found knowledge after watching the keynote came in useful for winning chocolates. We rounded things off with a group photo. The next event will be Salesforce Saturday, in a coffee shop, where we will bring our laptops and complete Trailhead modules to win as many badges as we can, in addition to swag like Einstein tshirts. Volunteering to increase awareness about Salesforce in colleges is also in the works.

It was a memorable day- meeting other women in technology, discovering we share similar challenges and getting a flavour of the community feeling of Dreamforce. Couldn’t have asked for more!

A version of this post appeared on the Screen-Magic blog here.

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