Fear of the Fat Man

I knew it was coming.

They’re always about to lumber onto screen. It’s an unwritten rule of broadcasting that they have to appear in any story about obesity.

I’m talking about the hefty and headless. I’m sure you know what I mean, there will be some new study about obesity and the producer will use footage of overweight people, filmed from the neck to the waist.

Whenever one of these montages begin I can feel myself tense up. My stomach knots like it did at school before reading in front of the class.

This could be it. This could be the day when I recognise one of the headless' tee shirts. When I realise I have become one of the visual props to show what obesity looks like.

So, far I’ve been lucky, but what if my number is up? The only number I want called is my order number at McDonalds.

I always feel bad for the people who have seen themselves. I’m sure they know they’re carrying a bit of extra weight, and who knows how they view it. I envy and admire those who are comfortable with their body, whatever their size, but not all of us are there. I’m not.

I can only imagine the hurt that seeing yourself like this would cause. It’s hardly the most flattering angle, and just highlights something you might feel insecure about.

Please, TV producers, come up with a new way to illustrate these stories, and stop putting all us chubsters on the edge of their seats with fear.