Stop comparing Trump to Hitler… And start comparing him to Lex Luthor

The internet has warped our view of Hitler. So many people and organisations have been compared to him that it doesn’t work anymore. Hitler is the very worst of mankind’s history and yet he’s been reduced to a lazy simile for general badness.

That’s why the linking between Trump and Hitler isn’t having the desired effect. “Trump is like Hitler? Yeah, well they said that about Michael Bay/Obama/football referees/whatever”.

Even as Trump uses Hitler’s tactics play for play, it doesn’t work.

But you know what would work? Putting Trump in the context of comic book heroes. They’re hot right now, and it makes sense. Put President Trump in there and see how the costumes heroes would fare. (I’m not up to date on all the books, so forgive me if I’ve made continuity errors, geeks)


In the Marvel universe you can imagine Trump siding against the mutants of the X-Men. If not openly at least failing to condemn anti-mutant violence.

Miss Marvel would face deportation or internment as a Muslim and Trump’s hard-line anti-mutant stance would push more to join extremists like Magneto.

You can imagine that it would be enough for Steve Rogers, or whoever is Captain America these days, to hang up the shield and star spangled tights. Hell, they might even dust off the awful Nomad outfit.

Trump would probably also be one of those guys slamming Spider-man as a menace, and be slamming him in every speech. Matt Murdock would be too busy handling deportation cases to pull on the Daredevil costume and every single non-American hero would flee.

In short, Trump would wreak more havoc than Magneto, Doom and Galactus combined.

Probably the only hero he’d endorse is The Punisher, which would spur gung-ho copycats and drive Frank Castle nuts until he set his sights on Trump himself as the root of all the extra violence in New York.


Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman would be facing deportation right off the bat. Even Superman would have a hard time and probably question the “American way”.

In the DC universe Trump probably plays golf with Lex Luthor and would make him veep or secretary of defence.

Trump would probably call Batman a pussy for not killing his enemies. The Caped Crusader and the Joker would probably both hate Trump, so at least the Donald would have done something.

The only comic book character that Trump’s America would work with is Judge Dredd. A fascist police state with swift, brutal “justice” and even then you’d imagine that sooner or later Trump’s ego and hypocrisy would find him at the wrong end of a Lawgiver.

Silly, yes? But what does it say that you can’t actually imagine any of the fictional heroes supporting and working with Trump? It says he’s like a less smart version of Luthor, and baldy’s run in the White House didn’t exactly go well.

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