Faces and Phases

“There’s a face that we hide till the nighttime appears, and what’s hiding inside, behind all of our fears, is our true self, locked inside the facade.”

Somewhere along the line, we might find ourselves succumbing to societal pressures and norms. We have this subconscious need to fit in; to belong. The fact of the matter, however, is that if we’re trying too hard, we’re doing it wrong. If we fit in, we fit in. If we don’t, there’s no need for us to alter our cognition and behavior in such a way that there’s nil chance of being rejected. Sadly, what we see today is quite the opposite. We throw ourselves at people we’re trying to please, we wear masks and we live in a facade. What’s wrong with this facade is that while we’re insecure and lack an identity, we end up creating this false sense of security instead of trying to overcome it and the real self disappears somewhere in between one of these absurd processes. What we should understand is that the real you is the person that you already are; not someone who society wants you to be, not someone who you want to be in order to please others.

So leave them critiques and judgmental minds be. Go ahead and tear off those masks. Come out of that facade. Be yourself.