Nuuk, a single venue for ALL the answers.

Who doesn’t enjoy the Olympic Games?

Every four years, we all live the excitement of watching gifted athletes from our country participate in these all important games, and try to keep an eye on our favorite sport and, of course, the winners!

But amidst this emotional tidal wave, it’s kind of difficult - and some times uncertain - to find exactly what we are looking for and to clear our waverings.

When this happens, Nuuk can shed a lot of light onto the problem. We now have an awesome online venue where all the answers to your questions can be easily found by combining short facts and specific responses.

When including more information about your question within the answers, you can choose either the short answer or learn more about the topic, with different people pitching in to clear any uncertainties you may have.

This way you learn quickly — because there are questions that have already been settled and which you can search for, without entering a new question — whatever it is that you are looking for.

In the case of mass events such as the ones we are witnessing as of these days, the Rio Olympics, you can be on top of the exact dates and times when certain competitions take place, and you can also find answers to broader-scope questions about last minute news about what is going on inside of Rio 2016 .

Jump in the Nuuk bandwagon. Have all your questions answered!

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