Did you know our current version of Cognetix includes a strong predictive data analytics engine and capabilities to collect all types of data from any database source?

“We will see a greater and wider use of blockchain […] In a few years blockchain will replace the existing technology, today it only coexists with the current one,” JP Morgan CIO Lori Beer said.

We can’t wait for the expansion and adaptation of our technology to replace existing.

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We are working to build a global exchange that goes beyond payment systems. It is a place to exchange data, services, ideas and a place for doctors and patients to provide a feedback loop on the medicinal aspect of cannabis.

By leveraging the technology of blockchain’s architecture and by creating an ecosystem of trust and cooperation, we plan to revolutionize the way critical data is stored, governed, used and retrieved in the cannabis industry.

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We are merging big data, business transactions, cannabis and blockchain technology to bring critical information to pharma discoveries and improving the lives of patients.

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Did you know in blockchain technology, a concept exists called an “oracle”? An oracle is an off-chain data source that feeds information to blockchain smart contracts in order for them to execute. We will be using the technology to provide full transparency in the cannabis industry.

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To purchase the #GETX token, please visit: www.nuvus.io

Nuvus Blockchain

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